Tegeta Holding

Tegeta Holding, with 28 years of experience, is the leader in automotive products and services. The company is successfully represented in the Transcaucasian and Central Asian markets.

Tegeta was founded in 1995. It was a small shop selling spare parts. Later, the company started importing tires and, in 1998, signed a historic agreement with the Japanese brand Bridgestone. This cooperation was a turning point for the company and the Georgian market. Tegeta was one of the first to contribute to replacing Russian products with the world's leading brands in Georgia.

Tegeta, which has established a new standard in the field of car services, offers customers a full scope of the automotive ecosystem, including diagnostics and repair of cars, trucks, buses, construction, and special equipment.

Tegeta has 28 service centers nationwide, and Holding carries out international trade on four continents. Tegeta exclusively represents the famous brands Porsche, Volvo, Toyota, Mazda, and Geely. The holding partners in the direction of trucks and special equipment are such prominent brands as MAN, JCB, and others. "Tegeta" is the largest importer of more than 300 world-leading automobile brands in Georgia. The business group, one of the five largest companies in Georgia, with up to 3000 employees, is one of the largest employers in the country

Tegeta Holding

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important events

  • year2023
    • "Tegeta" - An ultra-modern multifunctional automobile complex was opened at 6 University Street, with a total investment of 60 million GEL. The new space features "Tegeta Motors" and

    • "Volvo Car Sakartvelo" showrooms on the territory. "Volvo Car Sakartvelo" - a completely new, conceptual Volvo showroom and service center was opened, which is the first location created with the VRE concept in the Caucasus region and is similar to the existing brand showrooms in Sweden.

    • Geely Sakartvelo - the innovative and high-tech automobile brand Geely Auto was added to the composition of Tegeta cars.

    • Tegeta Construcion Equipment: Tegeta Construcion Equipment, a subsidiary of "Tegeta Holding" in the capital of Armenia, opened a large-scale JCB dealership in the Caucasus region.

    • Tegeta Academy: Tegeta Academy, a subsidiary of Tegeta Holding, became the official and exclusive representative of the innovative learning platform Electude in Georgia. "Tegeta Academy" was awarded 30,000 dollars within USAID's "Employers of Vocational Education" program, as a result of which the online learning platform Electude was introduced in the Academy.

    • Europcar Georgia - In 2023, the subsidiary car rental company of Tegeta Holding, Europcar, expanded its representation. The company started operating in the market of Uzbekistan with a new branch.

    • "Tegeta Agri" - in 2023, a new direction, "Tegeta Agri," was added to the Holding, ensuring the country's technologically developed agricultural equipment availability.

    • Tegeta Truck and Bus - in 2023, Tegeta's subsidiary company Tegeta Truck and Bus, won the tender announced by Tbilisi City Hall. They will supply the capital with 160 units of 18-meter MAN modern buses.

    • Seven issued bonds of "Tegeta" in the capital market - in 2023, "Tegeta Holding" issued 20,000,000 GEL green bonds, the first green issue in the Georgian capital market in national currency. In 2023, Tegeta carried out seven successful issues, among which the company closed the first 30 million USD equivalent multicurrency bond program in Georgia

  • year2022
    • 2022 Tegeta Green Planet - the organization member of Tegeta Holding has been operating since 2022. The organization is one of the first in Georgia to obtain authorization from the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture and provides independent collection, transportation, and waste processing. Unusable waste is sent for processing to facilities with the relevant activity permit.

    • Petronas - "Tegeta Holding gained the trust of another world-leading brand - Petronas, a producer of industrial and lubricating materials, appeared on the Georgian market. Petronas is represented internationally in over 80 countries with a wide range of automotive and industrial lubricants. Its official dealer in the Georgian market is Tegeta Holding. In addition to Europe, the global brand produces its products in Asia and Turkey. Still, Tegeta's oils to Georgia are produced in Italy and intended for the European market.

    • GOMACO - in the direction of special equipment, the portfolio of "Tegeta" is growing even more, and the brand Gomaco, a manufacturer of special concrete-making equipment, has joined the Georgian market.

    • Berko - "Tegeta" offered the Italian brand Berko, a manufacturer of caterpillar undercarriage parts, to Georgian customers in the local market in 2022. Berko is one of the leading brands on an international scale, which manufactures and supplies machinery and parts for agriculture and farming to dozens of countries worldwide. "Tegeta Holding" is the official representative of Berko in Georgia.

    • CLARK - another advanced brand that Tegeta Holding exclusively represents in Georgia and Armenia. CLARK is an American industrial equipment manufacturer that manufactures diesel and gas-powered warehouse loaders and is one of the top ten manufacturers of this type of equipment. There are currently 350,000 units of CLARK crane trucks operating in different countries.

    • The historical issue of public bonds by "Tegeta" - "Tegeta Holding," with the support of "TBC Capital," issued an unprecedented amount of public bonds, amounting to 150 million GEL in the national currency, which was the most significant issue in the history of Georgia and the second largest in the local bond market.

    • Another subsidiary, Tegeta Off-Road Vehicles, is on the 2022 calendar and is the only official representative of the American off-road brand Polaris on the Georgian market. In the showroom, outstanding models of the American brand became available for Georgian customers in July 2022. The company offers adventure lovers the opportunity of a test drive and unforgettable experiences.

    • Since June 2022, Tegeta Rent a Car, which has been operating in the Georgian market since 2018, has become the exclusive partner of the world's leading brand, europcar, in Georgia. The company's business profile is car rental for tourists and local retail and corporate customers.

    • Tegeta is expanding its car business with a new subsidiary company. Auto Gallery is established, offering customers a diverse selection of new and used cars. A new standard is emerging in the Georgian market toward used car showrooms. The company represents technically maintained and tested premium class cars with Tegeta Motors warranty.

  • year2021
    • Construction Machinery Georgia is added to the Holding: The company is the official dealer of Hyundai CE, the largest Korean brand of construction and special equipment in Georgia. The company is also the official representative of Bomag and Marini, members of the French group- Fayat group. In addition to the portfolio of these brands, Tegeta Holding offers customers a full range of equipment for the road construction cycle - both asphalt plants and all types of equipment for road construction and arrangement.

    • Also, in the direction of trucks and heavy equipment, Tegeta Holding added several new brands in 2021, including the Renault truck line, the German premium brand Liebherr, and the Turkish truck brand BMC.

  • year2020
    • The opening of Toyota Center Batumi, the second authorized Toyota center among Tegeta subsidiary companies, is in Batumi. Like Tbilisi, Batumi Toyota Center combines a showroom with a service center. The company is the only official Toyota dealer in western Georgia.

    • In 2020, the company - Tegeta Industry was founded, which operates in the industrial field and is the largest importer of industrial products, such as stone crushing machines and their spare parts, concrete plants, etc.

  • year2019
    • Tegeta signs an agreement with the Swedish auto giant Volvo and becomes the exclusive representative of premium Swedish cars.

    • With the agreement signed between Tegeta Truck and Bus and Tbilisi Transport Company, since 2017, 233 MAN buses have been added to the Tbilisi fleet.

    • In 2019, 90 units of "MAN Lion's City A47" diesel buses appeared in Tbilisi. Also, within the framework of the municipal fleet renewal project, Tegeta Motors handed over 226 units of 12-meter compressed natural gas (CNG)-branded EURO 6 BMC buses to Tbilisi Transport Company.

  • year2017
    • The multifunctional college Tegeta Academy became a member of Tegeta Holding. Our Academy is the first educational center that began training professional staff in the automotive field.

    • Along with short-term training, the Academy also offers an authorized training program to interested individuals. In this case, graduates of the project receive a diploma confirming knowledge, which Georgia recognizes.

    • The company started bringing MAN brand city buses to Tbilisi. Tegeta Truck and Bus is also the official representative of Hino Motors, a subsidiary of Toyota Holding in Georgia

  • year2016

    The company has successfully implemented the tax-free project. The project was based on initiating a legislative change, which involves the return of VAT tax on tires installed on automobiles of non-residents

  • year2014

    Tegeta received the status of dealer and authorized service center of the Japanese brand after winning the competition announced by the head office of Toyota. Another subsidiary, Toyota Center Tegeta, joins the Holding. Tegeta invested up to 11 million dollars in constructing the showroom and service center

  • year2012

    Tegeta becomes an official member of Groupauto International—the most significant international network of spare parts distribution, service and repair, uniting 70 countries

  • year2011
    • The Holding is expanding even further. Mazda Center Tbilisi, the only official representative of the Japanese brand Mazda in Georgia, becomes a member of the Holding. The company directly communicates with the head office, allowing its customers to receive original parts and warranty service.

    • New Tegeta Motors multi-brand service centers were opened in Poti and Batumi. Poti Service Center is one of the best service centers in terms of architecture and infrastructure, located in Georgia's central free industrial zone

  • year2010

    As part of Tegeta, the passenger car business started in 2010 in cooperation with the German brand – Porsche. Porsche Center Tbilisi today is the hub for electric cars throughout the region. The company offers customers a complete model line of premium brands, repair services, and original parts and accessories. Every year, Porsche mechanics undergo a unique training course in different European countries

  • year2008
    • Tegeta's new central office was opened in Aghmashenebeli Alley, where the administrative part of the company is located.

    • Together with the central office, Tegeta opened the region's biggest multifunctional service center for cars and trucks, on a total of 27000 sq.m.

    • In the same year, Tegeta became a partner of the German brand BOSCH in Transcaucasia and opened a Bosch-car service in Tbilisi.

    • Also, in 2008, Holding became the exclusive representative of MOBIL, Georgia's most prominent brand of lubricants.

  • year2007

    Tegeta Construction Equipment is added to the Holding. The company is the official dealer of the largest British construction equipment brand, JCB, in Georgia and Armenia. The company offers its customers construction and road equipment with full warranty service, as well as service and spare parts for any construction equipment.

    Tegeta Construction Equipment is also the representative of the Swiss brand AMMANN. It is a road equipment and asphalt plant manufacturing company with 150 years of experience, whose official partner in Georgia is Tegeta Construction Equipment

  • year2006
    • Tegeta Truck and Bus appear as part of Tegeta, which exclusively represents the German brand of trucks and buses, MAN, in Georgia. Tegeta is the first and only company to gain the trust of the world-known one of the biggest automotive brands. Tegeta Truck and Bus service center was built under the standards of Man's central Munich Centre and is equipped with modern equipment. Tegeta Truck and Bus's activities include full service of trucks, construction equipment, buses, municipal and other types of commercial vehicles, as well as sales and post-sale warranty services.

    • Transcaucasian distribution company TDC Automotive, a part of Tegeta Holding, appears on the market. The company officially represents Shell lubricants exclusively in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan

  • year2001

    The company takes positions on the market under the name of Tegeta Motors.

  • year1998

    "Tegeta" became the official dealer of the Japanese tire brand "Bridgestone." Tegeta with the Japanese brand Bridgestone became a cooperation was a turning point for the company and the Georgian market. Tegeta was one of the first to contribute to replacing Russian products with the world's leading brands in Georgia.

  • year1995

    The first steps to the big journey!

    Tegeta Motors was founded as LLC Autoexport.

Strategic business directions

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    Light Vehicles

    Passenger cars are one of the essential business lines of "Tegeta Holding." The company represents well-known brands such as Porsche, Volvo, Toyota, Mazda, Geely, Europcar Georgia, Polaris, NIU, and Indian.

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    Special-Purpose Machinery

    Tegeta Construction Equipment has been operating on the market since 2007. It is the official dealer of the largest British construction equipment brand, JCB, in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The company offers construction and road equipment with full warranty service.

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    Automotive Product and Service

    "Tegeta Motors" offers all types of services to customers, for light, truck, and special purpose equipment. The Company has 27 branches nationwide, serving up to 500,000 retail and 35,000 corporate customers.

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    Online Shop

    Tegetashop.ge is an online store with various products from the leading categories: tires, batteries, lubricants, filters, spare parts, etc. The website presents about 150,000 products and 300 brands of necessary automotive products for a car.